F2IBuilder with is a software aimed at automating the task of converting sources, is focused features for the software of styles available sources in the operating system. The options it includes are:
  1. Selection of sources available in the OS (GNU / Linux, MS-Windows);
  2. Font size selection;
  3. Selecting the size of the image (texture);
  4. Automatic, according to the chosen font;
  5. Manual, set the size to be used;
  6. Display grid with the cutoff points of the letters;
  7. Display shadows (Vertical and Horizontal);
  8. Selecting colors for the Shadow Fund Source
  9. Implementation of metrics (size of each letter);
  10. Application Antialias;
  11. Lets save the image as it appears in: BMP, PNG format (with automatic insertion of alpha);
  12. Allow save the metric used in the image, ie the information of the width of each letter in a binary file (. Dat), thus maintaining compatibility with other software;
  13. Adjust the maximum and minimum size on metrics;
  14. Individual adjustment of the metric of each character;
  15. Issue Table of characters (ascii);